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From Factory Floor to Your Door & Everything In-Between

 A seamless combination of global capability & local awareness

At Aurizon SCM Ltd we have one goal: to manage every step of the supply chain to let our clientele focus on what they do best, selling their product. With our Procurement, Logistics and Operations teams, we strive to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions from the factory floor to your door and everything in-between. 

Procurement & Offshore Sourcing

Simplify the procurement processes & make the purchasing procedures as transparent as possible.

Logistics & Freight Forwarding

Getting product from Point A to Point B with our ground freight, sea freight and air freight partners.

Warehousing & Consolidation

Receiving and shipping, palletizing, pick and pack, labelling, packaging and much more.

Product Development & Prototyping

Helping you bring your ideas to fruition by creating prototypes, developing molds & tooling.

Customs Brokerage & HS Code Classification

Ensure all the checkpoints along the logistics chain will be dealt with seamlessly and professionally.

Supplier Auditing & Order Inspections

Our team of inspectors in North America, Asia & across the globe will help you minimize any issues.

Supply Chain Management Made Easy

What We Do

Aurizon Supply Chain Management is the seamless combination of global capability and local awareness. We source, we audit, we import, we export, we inspect, we warehouse, we ship, we consolidate, we logistic… We logisticize… We logistify

Who we are

The Aurizon team has worked for the world’s largest business-to-business trading platform (Alibaba.com), NVOCC certified freight forwarders with offices at 10 ports in China, Canada & the US and as a consultant to dozens of factories in Asia. 

Where We Are

Aurizon’s offices are in Canada and China and we have established a supplier network and inspection team in Asia, Eastern Europe, North America and South America. Regardless of the suppliers’ province or port, we have the people in place to coordinate.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Working with Aurizon SCM Ltd enabled me to focus on my product with the confidence that a strong team was managing my suppliers, my inspections, my shipments and my customs brokerage. My time was spent working on my business and not within my business so I saw an impressive transition from product conceptualization to product realization.

Marco Antonio Dos Santos – Star Moto Parts Trading GmbH

I had been dealing with suppliers overseas for over 10 years, but half my time was spent managing the back and forth between suppliers and freight forwarders until late hours of the night. Even though I was getting things done it became counter-productive because I wasn’t spending enough time developing and selling my product. Aurizon SCM was the comprehensive supply chain and logistics solution I needed without having to hire full-time purchasing and logistics staff. I received attentive services from professionals in the industry at an affordable cost.

Don Goguen – Prelam Enterprises Ltd.

The assumption was that Aurizon SCM would simply offshore all my products, but they found me a reliable manufacturer in Canada to produce my product for quicker turnaround times and at a competitive price. They sourced secondary materials from Asia and the process was seamless. All factory and logistics correspondence was handle by Aurizon SCM transparently and I only needed to get involved for specific points concerning the design and function of my product, everything else was handled expertly and efficiently.

Matt Eldridge – Snaps Ltd.

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