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Sourcing & Supplier Auditing 

Finding a supplier a town over or even half a world away is not a difficult task, but we take the guesswork out of the process and make sure we find a supplier that is right for you. 

Aurizon has helped clients in the motorcycle & car parts, kitchen appliances, construction materials, garments and promotional products industries, to name a few.

But no one knows your product better than you do. Aurizon is here to work with you and develop your project through a strong and efficient supply chain.

Supplier Management

Aurizon can manage your suppliers so you don’t have to be online or on the phone at midnight with suppliers or face 24 hour manufacturing or shipping delays because of time differences.

Whether you need help developing reliable suppliers or you want someone to oversee your current suppliers, we can help you develop an efficient supplier network.

Import / Export & Logistics

Aurizon can handle every step of the supply chain process so that you know exactly where your product is at any given time.

We can even proxy your import duty and import GST payments so you have one point of contact and one invoice that encompasses every cost and every service.

Consolidation & Warehousing

Whether you need full containers of goods from one supplier or 10 boxes of goods from 10 different suppliers, Aurizon can handle the flow from the factory floor(s) to your door(s).

A good supply chain should have no barriers, just checkpoints.


So you found what you think is a good supplier and now they want to get paid, what next? Pay them and pray they are not a middleman siphoning your profits or that they won’t load your container with rocks? (Unless you want rocks, then we’ll get you the prettiest rocks out there!) 

Whether you just want peace of mind that your goods were actually loaded or you want a precise quantitative and qualitative inspection of your entire order, Aurizon SCM will coordinate inspections and reports to assuage your qualms.

Market Research

Are you just curious to know what supplier and logistics options are out there? Would you like to compare the manufacturing costs of a factory in Asia in the same industry as yours?

Let us help you understand the global market and where you belong in it.

We offer an unparalleled level of service & support, regardless of size or industry.

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